About us


How We Began

Established in 2001 by Teresa Bacon Wickersham. Hearts Desire Creations came about after reading Your Hearts Desire: Creating the Life You Really Want by Sonja Choquette. Teresa retired from her work in Non Profit Management and started creating. Though jewelry is Teresa's man art form, she also sells her nature and travel photography in the form of high quality blank greeting cards. .



Favorite Quotes: "How cool is it that the same God that created oceans and mountains and galaxies looked at you and thought the world need one of you too"  ~unknown~

You are one of a kind, your jewelry should be too! ~teresa @hdc~

The Jewelry

Specializing in ONE OF A KIND pieces Teresa never repeats a design.  Her designs are not for everyone, but they are made for all! You can find childrens jewelry, professional jewelry, traditional and down right funky pieces of jewelry. From classic pearls and Swarovski Crystals to ethnic beads from Africa and Tibet Teresa's styles are eye catching, and truly distinct.

The Photography

Teresa inherited her love of picture taking from her father, Until the day he died, he had a box of photos at his bedside that he looked through. Of course, Teresa's box comes in the form of an iPad, but she finds herself doing the exact sma thing! Her 5x7 photo cards are printed on high quality acid free archival paper and is FCS Certified. All cards and envelopes come in a clear protective sleeve.